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Previous scientists have been more concerned with collection than analysis. Desiterius Erasmus was a Latin scholar (1466 – 1536) whose collection of Latin proverbs was named Adagia, who distributes Latin proverbs in Europe. Juan de Mal Lara was a 16th century Spanish scholar, one of his books was a philosophical vulgar in 1568, the first part of which contains a thousand words..

Another study in the same volume quotes religious proverbs about Anglo-American religions, indicating that attitudes toward religion are declining. Many foreigners have studied proverbs to recognize and understand the cultural values ​​and worldviews of cultural communities. These foreign scholars are convinced that they themselves have gained knowledge by studying articles about local cultures, but this is not accepted by all. However, some scholars argue that such claims are untrue. Grauberg points out that many proverbs are so common that they are not a specific point of view of any culture, but a reflection of a broader human experience….

Hernan Nunez has published a collection of Spanish essays. Grigorii Permjakov developed the concept of a basic set of proverbs known to all members of society as the “parable”. For example, an adult American is expected to be inducted into the “Birds of a Feather Together,” which is part of America’s orthographic minimum. However, the average adult is not expected to know “fair cradle, saddle dirt” from Americans, an old English proverb that does not fall into the current American proverbial minimum….

Devi’s approach requires the transition from interdisciplinary memorization and automation to interdisciplinary collaboration and creative thinking. John Dewey is no less than a rock star of modern education. His ideas and approaches to school have been revolutionary ideas throughout his life and are important to the modern school today. In this video, we take a deeper look at the story of John Devi and his educational philosophies and ideals.

Its approach requires a teaching method that goes beyond the concept of school education as “the same for everyone”. This is evident from the desire to study contemporary problems, or the idea that students can learn about a topic or topic through active problem solving, as well as focus on differentiated teaching methods.

After graduation, you need to describe Dewey and, most importantly, apply his philosophy in practice. The motto of Horace Mann is the Latin verse Magna est veritas et prævalet, which comes from the book of Ezra. It translates as “Great Truth and wins”. Columbia University Teachers College established the Horace Mann School as a school laboratory for its students. The school was named after Horace Mann (1796-1859), an educational reformer and legislator in Massachusetts. Most of the time we hear a short word or an English proverb used by people and sometimes we know the meaning vaguely, but we do not believe it clearly..

Thinking more broadly of proverbs, Permjakov observed that “every adult who speaks at least 800 Russian-speaking proverbs, proverbs, popular literary references and other forms of clicks.” The study of the simile minimum was conducted for a limited number of languages, including Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Somali, Nepali, Gujarati, Spanish, Esperanto, Polish, Ukrainian..

As our modern world demands more and more creative thinking from individuals for exploration and innovation, Dewey’s approach to education remains a topic of discussion in schools around the world. Devi’s ideas continue affecting both the K-12 school today and teacher education. The concept of a democratic classroom in which students and teachers learn together and share their voices and interests is at the heart of many teacher training programs.

Sometimes they took old Russian proverbs and turned them into socialist forms. A study of English proverbs created since 1900 showed that in the 1960s, there was a sharp and significant increase in proverbs reflecting the neglect of sex. Given that the 1960s were the decade of the Sexual Revolution, this shows a strong statistical relationship between the changing values ​​of the decades and the change in the articles that were invented and used…

You can use the following English proverbs and their meanings: a) to better understand what people mean and b) to practice your own pronunciation different from the usual. “Korean proverbs.” In Korean Culture and Society, ed. The study of proverbs has been created by various eminent scholars and contributors.

Knowledge of the teacher

One of the first studies in this field was the Gorham’s Faataoto Test, developed in 1956. Proverbs have been used to assess dementia, study children’s cognitive development, measure the effects of brain injury, and study consciousness… processes figurative language. It is clear that the Soviet Union believed that proverbs were directly related to the values ​​of culture because they sought to bring about changes in the values ​​of the dominant cultures….

Teacher behavior

Two examples of setting a proverbial minimum in America are Hass and Hirsch, Kett and Trefil, more than one guide. A known standard method for calculating the parabolic minimum is not yet available, It can be seen from the comparison of different attempts to establish an analogical minimum in some languages. Although many articles have been written by literary critics, scholars of human consciousness have used proverbs in a variety of works…

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